Work with us

We thrive on complex problems that resist solution. The harder the problem, the better.

Hire us to work directly on a specific problem with you

We solve problems by looking at the whole system, looking beyond the organisation to other fields for non-obvious solutions, and advising on working practices and behaviours that encourage human connection and the cross-pollination of ideas.

Book a Creative Breakthrough

We design and host events that bring people together from different departments and backgrounds to work on particular problems, and to create or strengthen bonds. We draw inspiration from the arts and other forms of creative facilitation to give people opportunities to shine, to get to know each other more quickly and more deeply, and to discover new ways of working together.

Intermingled in-house

We mature and freshen individual, team and organisational capacity for dealing with complexity. From design thinking to applied improvisation training, our training programmes include emergence, discovery and creative collaboration. We run sessions from 1 hour Lunch and Learn sessions to week-long immersion programmes.

Engineering your organisation for serendipity and innovation

From designing your workspace to allow the discovery of and solution to problems you might not even have known existed, to breaking down walls between groups that should be collaborating, we help organisations hardwire the conditions for innovation into the building, the processes, the systems and the leadership style.