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Problems our clients have asked us to solve recently


Give intrapreneurs (internal entrepreneurs) realistic practice in interviewing customers for new product development using Lean Startup practices.

50th Generation

Facilitate Open Space experiential events for social entrepreneurs in Cambridge and London to share best practices and advance the field of social innovation.

Eagle Genomics

Improve the speed and accuracy of data curation by expert biologists in a new software product to reduce labour costs and increase throughput.


Improve the accuracy of an artificial intelligence platform for biomedicine to accelerate drug discovery.

Campaign for Female Education

Create a more agile platform for digital communications and fundraising to reduce labour costs and increase donor conversion rates, and recommend emerging technologies for future fundraising growth.

Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Improve the confidence and effectiveness of public relations professionals in face-to-face communication with colleagues and clients.

Wild Monday

Give doctors, surgeons and other healthcare-professionals in leadership positions realistic practice in handling difficult conversations to improve engagement, productivity and performance of staff.

The Geek Whisperer

Give managers, engineering professionals and customer service staff realistic practice in handling difficult conversations to improve well-being, engagement and profitability.

Sigma Consulting Solutions

Train internal staff in business strategy models to identify new growth opportunities, and facilitate user experience (UX) design workshops for clients to improve user engagement.

Ocean Learning

Facilitate design workshops for clients as part of a programme to develop skills in innovation and collaboration.
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Anglia Ruskin University

Advise and mentor startups to harness the power of games to create innovative solutions for human problems.

Nice words about us

“Antony is an excellent facilitator with an in-depth knowledge of the design process and user experience".

— Paul Kenny, Owner, Ocean Learning Ltd

“Antony is a talented coach who makes you feel anything is possible”.

— Katherine Wiid, Language and Behavioural Specialist, Recrion.co.uk

"Antony is an outstanding and visionary problem solver".

— Phil Jones, Founding Director, PAD Technology Ltd