Hybrid arts for unity and sustainability

Photograph of Antony Quinn, Founder

Hi, I’m Antony. I create hybrid art, science, language and technology experiences to promote global unity and sustainability. Why? Because climate change, species extinction and divisive nationalism are the greatest threats to our survival. 

I combine my background in genomics, languages, computer science, design and theatre to show how we are all intermingled, from our genes and environments to our languages and cultures, and that our future depends on acknowledging this truth and finding better ways to live with each other and the natural world.

Current projects

DNA Disco

Shake your booty, save the panda. Find out which animal you dance like. Then save it from extinction.

DNA Disco is a free app to raise awareness of wildlife conservation by telling you which endangered animal you dance like. It converts your dance moves into a DNA sequence, which is then searched against a database of real genes from endangered species to find the best match. You’ll see the animal’s conservation status and be able to support organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect the animal and its habitat.

Status: Basic working prototype. Presented at Cambridge Science Festival 2017.

Next steps:

  • Create a more professional visual appeal
  • Create a collective experience for live events at music festivals and arts venues. For example, data from all dancers is collected to drive the music and projected visual effects, creating a feedback loop where dancing informs the music and the music responds to the dancing, creating a conceptual movement-music ecosystem unique to that time and place.

Angry Bins

Angry Bins (originally Food Waste Hero) is a project concept for schools to raise awareness of food waste through behavioural economics, storytelling, design and technology. It features a Raspberry Pi internet-of-things device to weigh kitchen food waste bins and shows how households are doing compared to the UK average. The bin gets angry if households waste more food than average.

Status: Basic working prototype.

Next steps:

  • Turn the basic prototype into a professional kit for schools
  • Replace basic hand-drawn cartoons with professional illustration.

If Food Could Talk

Inspired by Angry Bins, this is a live theatre performance telling the human story behind the global food supply chain. Rather than asking “where do bananas come from?”, we ask “where does this banana come from, the one in my hand?”. What’s the story of the farmer and his or her family, the ship’s captain and crew, the truck driver?

Status: initial conceptual stage.

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