We tackle complex problems that resist solution by bringing technology, art and science into the same inquiry space.

We work at the intersection of emerging technologies and art forms to frame problems and equip people in new ways.

Our philosophy

Solving complex problems involves left brain and right brain, logic and intuition, analysis and synthesis, facts and feelings. Not one at a time, but in dialogue with each other. We create that intermingling by bringing inspiration and tools from both areas into the same solution space. We are equally at home in the arts, sciences and technology.

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"Leadership is about creating the conditions for the effective intermingling of people and ideas". Antony Quinn, Founder.

What we do

Organisations are faced with complex problems arriving at a higher cadence, with less time and fewer resources with which to handle them.

We thrive on complex problems that resist solution. The harder the problem, the better. And we love bringing together diverse strands of thinking, knowing and experiencing to crack truly difficult problem nuts.

We work directly on problems, and help teams access techniques and experiences that give both a radically different perspective and potential solutions.

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